Let us service your equipment

The maintenance of your equipment is in the best hands with us.

Whether it’s regular maintenance of the regulator, changing the batteries in your computer or even fixing a malfunction. We have the expertise to help you.

Our service technician Christophe Lebas is certified for all well-known equipment manufacturers. With more than 10 years of experience, he can find a solution to any problem.

Our workshop is well equipped with special tools for the maintenance of your equipment. We have a small pressure chamber for checking your dive computer and an analysis station for determining the air delivery capacity of your regulator.

Clubs that sponsor DiveWinns have special conditions for maintenance. Their instructors have maintenance for free.

Price list (as of 01/2021)
Regulator (plus manufacturer’s service kits)
Maintenance 1st + 2nd stage, Octopus Complete maintenance (replacement of all parts prescribed by the manufacturer) incl. test report and documentation 45.-€
Maintenance 1st + 2nd stage Complete maintenance (replacement of all parts prescribed by the manufacturer) incl. test report and documentation 35.-€
Maintenance 1st stage only all manufacturer 20.-€
Maintenance 2nd stage single all manufacturer 15.- €
Maintenance pressure gauge/console If you have a HD coupling mounted on the regulator, please send us the corresponding dive computer. 13.-€
Maintenance AIR 2 20.-€
Service computer/clock/transmitter battery change (plus manufacturer’s service kits)
Battery change dive computer for dive computers with a single battery compartment (e.g. Suunto Zoop, Mares Puk, etc.) 20.-€
Battery change Sender Typ Smart 50.-€
Battery change Uwatec (oil filled) Uwatec Smart Pro/Com, Aladin Ultra/Sport, Aladin Air auf Anfrage
Battery change diving watches incl. pressure test 20.-€
*incl. pressure test
Tüv diving tanks and cleaning
Tank inspection Tüv All cylinders up to 15 litres (incl. disassembly/assembly of valve, cylinder inspection and filling) 60.-€
Interior cleaning and final rusting If required by the Tüv because of dirt/rust, an additional fee is added. 35.-€
Tank valve 1 exit. complete maintenance (replacement of prescribed parts) plus manufacturer’s service kit) 20.-€
Tank valve 2 exits. complete maintenance (replacement of the prescribed parts) plus manufacturer’s service kit. 30.-€
Miscellaneous (plus manufacturer’s service kits)
Maintenance Jacket Complete maintenance – replacement of all prescribed parts 29.-€
Maintenance buoyancy jacket incl. interior cleaning Complete maintenance + internal cleaning (bladder, inflator hose) 46.-€
Maintenance/adhesive work Drysuit All manufacturers on request

Tank Check 2023:

The Dates for the Check are:










Since the testing is not done in house, we have to depend on another company. If they do not have enough tanks, there may be a delay!

Important information

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to send filled compressed air cylinders by post. Filled compressed air cylinders must be delivered to us in person or collected again. However, empty compressed air cylinders can be sent at the usual shipping costs.

The DiveWinns workshop is a certified service facility with all the necessary licences from all regulator manufacturers.

Safety has been our motto for more than 12 years of experience in diving maintenance and repairs. Our technicians attend annual training courses with leading manufacturers. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will also be happy to provide you with a personal quotation.