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React Right

Do you want to have the security of being able to help and react in critical situations? What if? What do I do then?

React correctly in an emergency. This is not only important in diving. The React Right course helps you to take the right steps in an emergency.

The course covers the first aid approach to diving accidents, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and general first aid techniques such as burns and burns.

You will learn about the function of an automatic defibrillator and know how to administer oxygen after the course.

Course description:

With the support of the digital SSI teaching material, you will prepare for the course in a relaxed way. We will deepen the theory together and answer all your questions about the different topics of the React Right course.

In practical exercises you will learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation and how to use the automatic defibrillator. How do I dress a wound and what is a pressure dressing? Much more useful information is included in this course.

Post-course credentials:

The course concludes with SSI React Right certification. The React Right course is an essential part of the Stress & Rescue Program and

You will broaden your horizons and learn a great deal about the basics of how to act correctly in emergency situations.

The course should be refreshed at regular intervals.

On request we also offer PADI, CMAS or I.A.C. courses. Here the costs for the teaching material change.

340 €

  • SSI Digital material
  • Theory lessons
  • Practical exercises
  • SSI Certification

Theory: You can relax and study the digital teaching material at your own pace. Here, all the details of the theory are explained very clearly. We deepen this knowledge together with you during a long session with us.

During the theory we answer your questions, go into more depth on topics and explain connections from experience.


From 15 years


Digital teaching material
Theory session
Practical exercises

Certification card upon successful completion of the course

Not included:

Private tuition