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Wanderlust – Roots Camp El Quseir / Egypt

In this “Wanderlust” meeting we want to introduce you to Roots Luxury Camp near El Quseir in Egypt.

Roots is a small friendly camp for divers, snorkelers and those looking for a quiet, peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. A dream for all those who want to dive and are not looking for the hustle and bustle of an all-inclusive hotel. Pure relaxation!

The word “camp” should not be taken too literally, it refers more to the location than the accommodation. We have excellent accommodation there with modern facilities.

The operators, who are also the owners, are Clare and Steve. Both with over 25 years experience in Egypt. They are particularly well connected with the UK diving scene. Clare has often been the cover girl on the front page of the English magazine “Diver”.

The camp has a great house reef, which is less than 5 minutes walk from the camp. Part of the dive centre is located here, so access to the water is easy.

The area of El Quseir is refreshingly different from other regions in Egypt. Spared from mass tourism, there are wonderful shore dives that can be reached in a short time from the camp. For those who get seasick, there are wonderful shore dives.

Dolphins, eagle rays, manatees, turtles and and and…. All this can be found regularly at the dive sites around Roots Camp.

At our meeting this time you will meet Steve Rattle, the owner of the camp and Rebecca, a German who helps on site at the marine biology station there. Time to ask questions and prepare for a wonderful holiday! Do not miss: Wednesday, 07.04.21 at 18:30. Be there and enjoy a little wanderlust.

English, French and German are spoken in the camp….and of course Arabic.