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Upper-Sûre Lake

The reservoir is Luxembourg’s national drinking water reservoir. Construction of the 47-metre-high dam began in 1953, and it was filled for the first time just six years later, in 1959. Before this could happen, some of the inhabitants of a village located there had to be resettled. This village still exists in part today and experienced divers can explore it here. However, this is only one of many possible dives. There are a total of 6 designated swimming zones, all of which allow quite a few dives. Even after 100 dives, you still haven’t discovered everything.

The visibility of the lake is between 4-8 metres, depending on the season. There is an almost year-round, 1-2m deep thermocline. The water temperature below 20 metres is about 5-8°C all year round, above that the temperature varies between 8-15°C, at the surface even up to 25°C in summer (11-13°C April 2016, 18°C May 2016).

Both day and night dives are stunning in the reservoir and there are quite a few things to marvel at. Besides catfish of about 1.5 m, there are many rudd, roach, pike, gobies, etc.

Anyone who wants to explore the reservoir is welcome to join us!