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Start of the first SSI Instructor Course at DiveWinns

SSI Instructor Course: This weekend was the day!

Zorian, Alex, Denis and Micha started their instructor course.

These four want to pass on their passion for diving to the next generation of students.

This first weekend it was the turn of the first pool session as part of the SSI Instructor Course:

How do I demonstrate an exercise so that a student understands it underwater?
What is the best way to do  briefing to explain the exercise succinctly?
Which are the most important things I have to pay attention to?
What mistakes can occur and what is the best way to react?

In the class room we were talking about:

How do I conduct an in water session?
Which would be the position to have the best group control?
How do we need to communicate so our students will understand us?
What are the criteria I haver to fulfill to pass the ITC and IE?

In addition to the requirements expected from SSI, they get a large portion of experience along the way.

Tom Lorgé and Hans Lange lead the course. Together they have over 50 years of experience and more than 1000 trainings.

At DiveWinns we place great emphasis on qualifying rather than certifying. A philosophy that our candidates embrace with a lot of commitment and fun.

They really show a great spirit of motivation. Twice a week they meet for some extra pool training to reach the highest level of professionalism. Already they demonstrate what it means to be a role model. If they pass the SSI Instructor Course and later the IE this four will be a great benefit for the diving community.

Next weekend we will continue! We will report…

And you? When do you want to start your diving career? DiveWinns Instructor Course

More info here at SSI: Go Pro with SSI