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Pool rules in Corona times:

We limit the number of people in the pool: 1 instructor with 2 students. We make exceptions if all students are from the same household.

Our students can use separate changing rooms. One changing room per person. Changing rooms may only be shared if they are from the same household.

We will disinfect all equipment after use.

The washbasins will be properly disinfected. Equipment will be washed by our staff. Students will put the equipment and suits in the sinks themselves.

The changing rooms and showers will be disinfected by DiveWinns staff after use.

All equipment will not be used for 2 days after use.

Keep a distance of 2 metres and remember to wear a mask during briefing and debriefing.

All emergency drills involving the use of other people’s equipment will be simulated only. Our participants will receive a voucher to practice these skills later.