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SSI Instructor Cross Over and Update

You are already a diving instructor of a recognized federation? Such as PADI, NAUI or CMAS?

Would you like to become an SSI instructor?

It’s been a long time since you taught as an SSI Instructor and now you want to get an update?

Then this is the right course for you!

In an intensive one-day course we teach you the essential parts of the SSI system and show you in a pool workshop which differences there are between SSI and other associations.

Course description:

Theory: Digital training gives you the opportunity to study theory at home at your leisure. We go through the essentials of SSI standards, instructor materials and administrative procedures here on site. At the end there is a test to show if you are familiar with the SSI materials and standards.

Pool: In one or more pool sessions we will go into the differences between your association and SSI exercises. Further we use this workshop to give you tips and tricks for teaching pool sessions.

Permissions after the course:

After the Cross Over you are allowed to teach at the level you were crossed. All specialty instructor courses that you have been allowed to teach so far will also be recognized by SSI.

250 €

  • Workshop Pool
  • Workshop Standards
  • Workshop Administration
  • Workshop SSI Philosophie

Theory: You can relax and study the digital teaching material at your own pace. Here, all the details of the theory are explained very clearly. We deepen this knowledge together with you during the workshops with us.

There is a final test with 100 questions that must be passed with 90%. This test shows the understanding of the SSI standards and philosophy.

Pool: In the pool we practice the SSI specific exercises and give you detailed feedback on the exercises shown.


Course requirements:

18 years

Participant Requirements

Professionals certified by SSI recognized diving organizations can participate in the SSI Professional Crossover Programme.

250 Euro/person


Workshop Pool
Workshop Standards
Workshop SSI Philosophy
Workshop SSI Administration

Not included:

SSI Pro Membership
SSI Pro Materials