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Shark Ecology

The SSI Ecology courses, are the perfect companion for a diving-free time. You can also use them to prepare for your next diving holiday.

The Ecology courses are digital-only courses that you can read online or on your app. Of course, the DiveWinns team is available to answer any questions you may have!

Shark Ecology deals with the real kings of the seas, the sharks.

Course description:

The beginning is about the unfortunately difficult relationship between humans and sharks, which has been shaped by films like “Jaws” and has given a completely wrong image of sharks.

Then the course deals with the history and evolution of sharks.

How is a shark anatomically structured? What makes it such a perfect swimmer? This is part of the third chapter.

How do sharks reproduce and what is their mating behaviour.really exciting.

What organs does a shark use for orientation? What is a lateral line organ? What are the ampullae of Lorenzini?

Why is the shark such an essential part of the ocean’s oil system? What makes it so enormously important?

And at the end: the bizarre, the beautiful and the fantastic. Learn about the basking shark and the luminous organ it has around its mouth; the epaulette shark that can “walk” across the reef at low tide and many more exciting and fascinating facts about sharks.

Post Course Credentials:

The course concludes with SSI Shark Ecology certification, which counts towards the Advanced Open Water recognition level or further experience levels. 24 logged dives and 4 specialty courses and you will reach the level of SSI Advanced Open Water Divers.

After the course, you will have learned many interesting facts about the interrelationships of the sea and understand more about its inhabitants.

170 €

  • Digital training
  • Certification
  • Certification card

Theory: The Ecology courses are digital-only trainings. Once you have completed the course and taken the final test, we will certify you as a Shark Ecology Specialist.

You will need to register with SSI so that we can activate the course for you. Just contact us for assistance.




Digital teaching material
Certification card after successful completion of the course