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Scuba Skills Update

You have not been in the water for diving for a long time? The next holiday is just around the corner and you want to quickly overcome the initial hurdles of any diving holiday and feel comfortable in the water again?

You have new equipment and want to familiarize yourself with it with the help of a diving instructor?

Then the refresher course is just right for you!


Course description:

The refresher course consists of a dive in our pool. Here, the essential exercises of the Open Water course are repeated.

We help you to rediscover the element of water with specific buoyancy exercises. Safety exercises such as emergency ascents are repeated so that you are also prepared for the worst case scenario. We take our time so that you can calmly find your way back to the flowing movements under water that make diving the relaxing moment it should be.

75 €

  • Pool Session
  • Theory Session
  • SSI Digital material
  • Rental Gear

Theory: We provide you with the Scuba Skills Update course from SSI. This digital course includes the content for safe diving, which develops through an understanding of the underwater world. An essential part of feeling comfortable in the water again. The most important points are also covered by our instructors.

Pool: In one session the basic diving exercises are repeated. Mask blowing out and removal, regaining regulator, buoyancy exercises as well as emergency procedures we will do together. And of course we will respond to your wishes. If you haven’t “shot” a buoy yet and want to go to the Maldives, we should practice that too.

Minimum age 10
Requirements No
Lessons in pool 1
Minimum required dives 4
Maximum training depth 5m
duration in hours 2-3


Rental equipment (excl. Fins, mask, snorkel)
Digital teaching material
1 pool session