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Referral Diver

Finally on holiday. And you can also go diving?

But do you have to go to school on holiday? You don’t have to!

We offer you the Referral Diver course: Here you do the pool training and the theory in Luxembourg, but the open water dives in warm waters on holiday.

The perfect combination!


Course description:

The Referral Course consists of theory, most of which you can learn online or on your mobile phone or tablet. It’s all at your pace and time frame. We supplement the digital training with theory sessions, where we can clarify further questions or also deepen topics.

Then there are at least 3 – 4 sessions in our heated pool. 28 degrees water temperature in a pool designed for diver training makes the first steps easier.

Credentials after the course:

Upon successful completion of the Referral Course, you can complete your Open Water Diver certification at all SSI dive centres worldwide. Now all that’s left to do is the 4 open water dives!

On request we also offer PADI, CMAS or I.A.C. courses. Here the costs for the teaching material change.

520 €

  • Rental equipment
  • SSI Training Material
  • Theory lessons
  • Pool Sessions
  • All entrance fees
  • Transfer fees

Theory: You can relax and study the digital teaching material at your own pace. Here, all the details of the theory are explained very clearly. We deepen this knowledge together with you during one or more sessions with us.

Pool: In our pool, which is heated to 28 degrees, we learn the basic exercises that you will need later for the open water dives. Exercises on handling the equipment, dealing with minor problems, but also emergency procedures are on the programme.

After this course you will be ready for the open water dives.



From 10 years

Please plan approx. 12 hours for theory and pool.


Rental equipment (excl. ABC)
Digital teaching material
4-5 pool sessions

Not included:

Dives over and above the maximum number of sessions. This is 6 pool sessions. Here we charge an extra fee of 55 Euro per session.
Private Lessons (plus 95 Euro)