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O2 Provider

Are you often out with divers and want to respond safely to a diving emergency?

In the O2 Provider course (administration of oxygen) you will learn how to handle oxygen in diving accidents. The administration of oxygen is the most important element of emergency care in decompression accidents and pulmonary hyperbaric injuries. The quick reaction can save lives or mitigate severe courses.

Course Description:

With the support of the digital SSI teaching material, you will prepare for the course in a relaxed way. We go into the theory together and answer all your questions about O2 provider materials.

In practice you will learn how to handle the oxygen equipment, how to adjust the flow and which materials help in which situations.

Authorizations after the course:

With the certification you are authorised to administer oxygen in emergency situations.

The course should be refreshed at regular intervals.

We also offer DAN courses on request. Here the costs for the teaching material change.

55 €

  • Oxygen administration workshop

At the moment, this course is not scheduled. Contact us and we would be happy to organize it for you.


In a theoretical session we will show you the basics of administering oxygen and how to handle an O2 emergency kit.


From 16 years

55 euros

Exclusive teaching materials and certification