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Junior Open Water Diver

For our younger candidates: The Junior Open Water course can be taken from the age of 10.

Here we discover the world of weightlessness together and learn the essentials for the wonderful sport of diving.

The Open Water Course is the foundation for a diving career. Here you learn the most important exercises to go diving safely and with a lot of fun.

From simple to more complex exercises, you learn the ABCs of diving. From “How do I do this?” to “What do I do when?” you will become a safe and competent diver who will enjoy our wonderful sport for a long time.

Course Description:

The SSI Open Water course consists of theory, most of which can be studied online or on your mobile phone or tablet. It can be done at your own pace and in your own time. We supplement the digital training with theory sessions, where we can clarify further questions or go into more depth on topics. During these sessions, we present the sometimes more complex contexts in a child-friendly form.

Then there are at least 3 – 4 sessions in our heated pool designed for diver training making the first steps easier.

Finally, there are 4 open water dives. This can be in The Upper-Sûre lake or other lakes in the region. You can also finish the open water dives worldwide in another SSI dive centre of your choice.

Post-course ratings:

Upon successful completion of the SSI Open Water Course, one is allowed to go diving worldwide, rent equipment and dive up to 18 metres deep as part of the training. For 10 and 11 year olds, a depth limit of 12 metres applies here and they must dive with a professional.

Depth limits are age dependent and also subject to local regulations.

820 €

  • Rental equipment
  • SSI Digital material
  • Theory lessons
  • Pool sessions
  • Open Water Dives
  • Transfer
  • Tank fillings
  • All entrance fees
  • SSI Certification

Theory: You can relax and study the digital teaching material at your own pace. Here, all the details of the theory are explained very clearly. We deepen this knowledge together during one or more sessions with us.

Pool: In our pool, which has a water temperature of 28 degrees, we learn the basic exercises that you will need later for the dives in the open water. Exercises on handling the equipment, dealing with minor problems, but also emergency procedures are on the programme. Here we practise so that we feel safe when we go into the open water.

Open Water Dives: With our minibus we go together to the Upper-Sûre lake here in Luxembourg or also to the lakes in the region. This can be done together as part of our training weekends or in consultation with you and your instructor, as flexible as it fits into your schedule. The Open Water course requires at least 4 Open Water dives to be successfully completed. Here we apply the exercises we already know from the pool in a realistic diving environment. The first two dives are limited to 12 metres, while the last two may be undertaken to a maximum depth of 18 metres. According to age and progress, of course.

The Junior Open Water Dives can also be done in the form of a referral at other dive centres if you would like to do so.



From 10 years

Please allow approx. 12 hours for pool and theory and 2 days for the 4 open water dives.


Rental equipment (excl. ABC)
Digital teaching material
4-5 pool sessions
Minimum 4 open water dives
Transfer within Luxembourg to the open water dives
Certification card after successful completion of the course

Not included:

Fins, booties, mask, snorkel and gloves.
Transfer outside Luxembourg. A cost sharing fee will be charged here.
Dives over and above the maximum number of sessions. This is 6 pool sessions and 5 open water dives. Here we charge an extra fee of 55 euros per session.