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Instructor Training Course

You want to travel the world and work as a diving instructor? You want to share your great sport with friends and acquaintances? You want to learn how to pass on your passion for the underwater world to others?

The Instructor Training Course prepares you for just that.

Our experienced team of instructors will give you lots of tips and tricks on how to successfully train divers. This is a multi-faceted course that will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and skills.

Essential to understand is that this course is about reaching a level of diving that will enable you to teach new divers the joy and excitement of the sport in a completely safe environment.

The Instructor Training Course builds on the Assistant Instructor course. This is a prerequisite for participation.


Course description:

Theory: Digital training gives you the opportunity to study the theory at home at your leisure. We have planned additional theory lessons so that you can deepen what you have read. The theory of the AI- ITC course is extensive and gives you a lot of information. In the theory lessons we show you how to deliver the lessons. We introduce you to SSI standards and theory.

We show you how to run special courses and what is expected of a dive professional.

Pool: In our heated pool we then go through several sessions on how to deliver practical lessons, how to demonstrate underwater exercises and how to control a group of students. In addition to what they have already learned in the Assistant Instructor course, here we also practice the complex techniques of emergency ascent drills.

Open water: In an intensive workshop we work on how to conduct open water dives in diving courses. In particular, we look at recognising problems.

Permissions after the course:

After the ITC you are allowed to participate in the Instructor Evaluation. After this you are allowed to work as an SSI Instructor worldwide and to conduct diving courses.

After this course you are allowed to teach the following courses on your own: All beginner levels as well as Stress& Rescue, Nitrox, Buoyancy and Dive Guide (non professional). You can go on to teach various specialty courses at instructor level.

2331 €

  • Digital learning material
  • Theory lessons
  • Pool units
  • OW Workshops
  • Transfer
  • Admission to the IE

At the moment, this course is not scheduled. Contact us and we would be happy to organize it for you.


Theory: You can relax and study the digital teaching material at your own pace. Here, all the details of the theory are explained very clearly. We deepen this knowledge together with you during at least 10 sessions with us.

Pool: In the pool we raise your diving skills to demonstration level. Further we work on the execution of complete briefings and the sequence of teaching under water. Another part is training in recognising problems and organising groups of students underwater. We deal intensively with the execution of emergency ascents.

Open water: In an intensive workshop we work on how to conduct open water dives in diving courses. In particular, we look at recognising problems.


Course requirements:

18 years

Requirements for participants

At least 60 open water dives logged, with a minimum of 40 hours dive time.

To be eligible for IE you need at least 100 dives.

Divemaster or equivalent certification

2331 Euro/person


Digital teaching material
Minimum 10 pool sessions
Minimum 6 open water sessions
Minimum 10 theory sessions

Not included:

SSI Pro membership
SSI Pro materials
Dives over and above the maximum number of sessions.

The Instructor Training Course according to SSI costs 1925 Euro plus digital training material of 406 Euro. The training material is for the AI as well as for the ITC, so it only has to be purchased once.

In addition, there are fees to SSI for Pro status of 69,60 Euro (including the annual fee for SSI membership) and the Professional Kit 125 Euro, if not already purchased with the Assistant Instructor course.

If you are admitted to the Instructor Evaluation, SSI charges an examination fee of 450 Euro plus VAT.