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Deep Dive

You want to explore new shores, explore the wreck that lies a little deeper or simply learn more about our fascinating hobby?

The Deep Diving Special extends your depth limits to 40 metres. You will learn about the special procedures, but also the risks involved and how to handle them safely.

Course description:

The digital training gives you the opportunity to study the theory at home in peace and quiet. We have planned further theory lessons so that you can deepen what you have read. Especially for deeper dives, you want to know exactly what the subject matter is.

The special course includes at least 3 dives. The depth is increased from 21 to 30 or more, up to a maximum of 40 meters.

Further we deepen the theory of deep diving with at least 1 session.

During the dives you will learn special techniques such as handling decotanks, setting a buoy from greater depths and the safe keeping of planned depths. We work on the final tweaks of buoyancy control, learn to calculate the surface air consumption and much more.

Entitlements after the course:

Upon successful completion of the course you may dive to a maximum depth of 40 meters without exceeding the no decompression limits, depending on local regulations.

On request we also offer PADI, CMAS or I.A.C. courses. Here the costs for the teaching material change.

490 €

  • SSI Digital material
  • Theory lessons
  • 3 Open Water Dives
  • SSI Certification
  • Transfer

Theory: You can study the digital teaching material at your own pace. All the details of the theory are explained very clearly. We deepen this knowledge together with you during one or more sessions with us.

Pool: If you have not dived for a longer period of time or are not yet so experienced, we will go to our pool for a preparation session. Especially if we want to do deeper dives, it is better if you are familiar with the equipment and buoyancy control is present again.

Open Water Dives: With our minibus we go together to the Upper Sure lake here in Luxembourg or to the lakes in the region. This can be together during our training weekends or, after consultation with you and your instructor, it can be completely flexible, according to your schedule.

The Deep Dive Special includes three dives at a depth of between 21 and 40 metres


From 15 years



– Digital teaching material

– At least 3 open water dives

– At least 1 theory session

– Transfer within Luxembourg to the open water dives

– Certification

– Certification card after successful completion of the course

Not included:

– Equipment

– Transfer outside Luxembourg. Here a contribution to costs is charged.

– Dives that exceed the maximum number of sessions. That is 4 sessions plus theory. For additional dives we charge an extra fee of 55 Euro per session.

– Private lessons (plus 95 Euro)