Try Scuba

You are curious and want to experience the feeling of floating under water?

Then simply try it out. With the Try Scuba programme you will learn the most important basic rules of diving and discover the great feeling of moving under water.

A whole new world awaits you!

And if it was fun, then just continue with the Open Water course!

Course description:

We will give you a detailed briefing so that you feel confident in the theory that is important for understanding diving.

Afterwards we will go through the simple exercises together, which we will also do later under water.

Now it starts! Our pool with 28 degrees is waiting for you. Time for the first small exercises and lots of time for the wonderful feeling of being able to move under water. The grin under water is guaranteed.

Entitlements after the course:

If you have completed the Try Scuba programme, you can then continue with the Open Water course. The course fees will be credited in full in the form of a voucher for our dive shop


The Try Scuba Course according to SSI costs 55 Euro. If you would like a private course, which is then 1:1 with the instructor, we will charge 20 Euro extra for this.

Included: The use of the equipment, detailed briefing, registration with SSI as Try Scuba Diver.

Exemplary procedure:

Theory session: Before we go into the water, we explain the most important rules of recreational diving. Why do you have to equalise pressure? Why am I not allowed to hold my breath while diving? The most important physical laws are discussed so that you know what you can do under water but also what you must not do-

Poolsession: Together with your instructor you will learn some exercises that are important for you to move safely underwater. Then there is plenty of time to enjoy the movement under water and to discover playfully how wonderful it is to be under water.


55 Euro/ Person

From 8 years


– Theoretical introduction

– Complete rental equipment

– 1 pool session in our heated pool

– SSI recognition card

Not included:

– Private lessons.

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