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Try Freediving

You are curious and want to get to know the feeling of moving under water with just one breath? You want to get an idea what is behind the myth of free diving?

A whole new world is waiting for you!

Course description:

We will give you a detailed briefing so that you feel confident in the theory that is important for understanding freediving.

We will explain the correct breathing technique and lead you for the first time over the limits of your breathing as you have known it so far. In a relaxation session you will experience your breathing reflex and learn to delay it.

In practice we will go into the free diving equipment and how to use it. We show you the correct, effort-saving diving technique and how to move effortlessly through the water with your fins.

Entitlements after the course:

If you have completed the Try Freediving programme, you can then continue with the Pool Freediver or Freediver Level 1. The course fees will be credited in full in the form of a voucher for our dive shop.

75 €

  • Rental equipment
  • Theory lessons
  • Digital teaching material
  • Pool Session

At the moment, this course is not scheduled. Contact us and we would be happy to organize it for you.


Theory session: Before we go into the water, we explain the most important rules of free diving. Why do you have to equalise pressure? What is a Black Out and is a Loss of Motor Control. We will introduce you to proper breathing in a relaxation session.

Pool session: In the water you will learn the correct diving technique, the correct use of fins and get an idea of neutral buoyancy with the free diving equipment.


55 Euro/ Person

From 10 years


– Theoretical introduction

– Complete rental equipment

– 1 pool session in our heated pool

Not included:

– Private lessons (plus 25 Euro)